Adhesive Application

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Adhesive Application

Spread floor adhesive uniformly over the substrate with an appropriate trowel, leaving ridges of sufficient height to achieve full and complete coverage of both the substrate and carpet backing.  Trowel notches wear down during use.  Replace trowel as necessary to maintain proper spread rate.  After sufficient open time, press carpet into the adhesive and roll with an appropriate roller as specified in the Broadloom > Direct Glue Down > Rolling section of this document.


NOTE:   Bond failure most often is caused by:

inadequate adhesive application from incorrect trowel notch size and/or trowel notch configuration

wear or improper trowel angle during application

improper type and grade of adhesive

incorrect open time and/or working times

bond breakers or substrate contaminants such as, but not limited to, residual curing and parting compounds

pH and moisture-related problems

lack of protection

premature traffic or cleaning before adhesives have adequately cured

lack of protection, Refer to Broadloom Carpet > Direct Glue Down > Post Installation > Materials for Protection section of this document.