Hot Melt Seaming

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Hot Melt Seaming

A seaming tape pre-coated with a thermoplastic adhesive is centered beneath the seam. Tape is heated by a seaming device which melts the adhesive, laminating the carpet backing to the tape. Seams should be made over a hard, flat surface (i.e. seaming board).  A carpet seam roller is recommended to achieve proper penetration of adhesive into the carpet backing from the seaming tape.



Premium grade tape with high tensile strength, sufficient adhesive on the woven scrim and a minimum adhesive width of 2¾ inches is recommended.

Rollers with star or spike design are not recommended for use on hot melt seams, especially, cut or cut-loop constructions.


When using a seaming iron, a grooved iron is recommended for better penetration of the adhesive.   Proper iron temperature is essential to avoid secondary backing distortion. Temperature settings will vary according to iron and tape manufacturers. Always run the iron in the direction of the pile.  A heat shield is required.


A metal surface should not be used to weight the seam behind the seaming device, as metal traps the heat and moisture. Wood or non-heat conducting material should be used for this purpose.


Provide adequate ventilation to dissipate any fumes from the seaming process.