Shop Drawings

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Shop Drawings

The carpet shop drawing is required to contain the following information:

Name of the job, owner and installation company.  On new construction the name of the general contractor and architectural firm are required.

Building address

Date of drawing


Floor number and location in building

Compass direction on each sheet

Drawing for each area to be carpeted (color coding is preferable)

Construction of substrate for each area

Required floor preparation, materials and quantities.

Type of installation for each area

Exact notations where dye lot changes occur

Proper quantities of installation materials needed for each area including but not limited to:

carpet needed for each area, including roll length requirements (allow a minimum of 3 inches (75 mm) longer than the area measurement), length of pattern repeat, manufacturer roll or pallet sequence (where applicable)

specified adhesives per manufacturer instructions

Excess material in each area and how it is to be used

Seam layout of each area

Carpet pile or pattern direction for each area

Name of manufacturer, style, backing system and color of carpet for each area

Large scale drawings showing treatment of step areas or other detail work

Location and type of expansion joints and edge transitions.

Type of wall base in each area.