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Architectural strips, 1¾ inches in width (50mm) with 3 rows of pins, or 2 conventional strips with 2 rows of pins each, are required to provide secure attachment of the carpet and additional shear strength (Refer to Table III – Tack Strip at the end of this document).  To prevent possible injury to building occupants, it is required that the pins on tack-strips not protrude through the carpet being installed.


Additional tack-strip installation specifications include:

Securely fasten tack-strips to maintain the tension provided by power stretching. Nailed or stapled tack-strips are required to have a minimum of 2 fasteners per piece.

Place tack-strips with the pins angled toward the vertical abutment.

The gully, or distance between the tack-strips and vertical abutments, is required to be slightly less than the thickness of the carpet but not exceed 3/8 inch (9 mm).

Avoid installing tack-strips across door openings and/or sills.

Cut tack-strips to follow the contour of door casings and other irregularly shaped abutments.

Do not staple carpet to tack-strips.

On radiant-heated floors, use manufacturer’s approved adhesive to secure tack-strips. Do not use nails or screws to prevent damage to heating system.